Wayneco Turn-Around Cams for Brother G-Carriage Knitting Machines

Now Better Than Ever!

Picture of new cams. Click for larger image.

Picture of new cams. Click for larger image.

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Wayneco turn-around cams are better than ever! Why change a thing that already works? The new cams are just a little different, and a lot better. They snap in tight and stay put. They are engineered to stay aligned better, so they are less likely to get misaligned and damaged under the G-Carriage. Just $14.95 direct from me!


Shipping and Handling

I am sorry to say that after many years of free shipping, I had to either raise the price of the cams, or start charging for shipping. Postage has gone up and so has the cost of envelopes. In order to reflect the real costs, I am adding $2.00 shipping and handling.

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