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The Miter Book is a workshop reference to help you get your money's worth out of that fancy miter or radial-arm saw. The modern compound miter saw has almost completely replaced the old-fashioned miter box, and for good reason. Power miter saws make smoother and more accurate cuts. The only problem is figuring out those miter and bevel settings.

Most miter saws come with a small table of settings, for the most common corner angles, and the most common crown moldings. What if your corner or crown molding isn't "Common?" The Miter Book provides compound miter settings for corner angles from 30 to 178 degrees, and for crown angles ranging from 20 to 60 degrees.

Have you ever cut trim or crown molding for a "Square" corner, only to find out that it's not quite square? Even a one-degree variation from square can ruin the look of your finely mitered joint. The Miter Book shows you how to measure that corner angle; angles close to 90 can be measured with just a square and a tape measure, using a table provided in the book. The author came up with this method when he found out some corners in his new house were not quite square!

The Miter Book contains 149 pages of compound miter settings, 16 pages of instructions and illustrations, plus informational tables and illustrations on the inside and back covers, where they're easy to find. This is not a general instruction book on the use of power saws, but a "To the point" reference book for carpenters and do-it-yourselfers that want to do quality compound-angle work. The retail price is $15.00. If you buy direct from me, you get a 10% discount, which makes the price just $13.50.


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